In English

Svarte Beach Club is a beach cafe situated right on the beach in the village of Svarte, a few kilometers west of Ystad. The building has been there for at least 70 years but it has been renovated into a cosy beach cafe right by the Baltic Sea.

The café serves ice cream, great coffee and sandwiches and it is a nice destination even on cloudy days as you can sit inside and look at the sea. We are open daily in the summer season and on good weekends during spring and autumn.

To get here, either take the train to Svarte and walk straight towards the sea, under the road tunnel and you are there. For people on foot or bike, use the path down from the coastal bike road that goes through Svarte. If you come here by car, you will need to park it north of the road and use the tunnel under the road to access the beach.

Please contact for more information.